class descriptions

Listed below are general descriptions of our curriculum & classes.
Please see Monthly Schedule & Special Offerings for specific days/times.
Please call/text/email or 309.231.9642 for details & class placement.


Restorative Yoga : Sundays : 12-1:15 pm
Seasonal inspired restorative yoga sequences paired with energy center visualizations & breath practices to support mind-body balance & awareness. Beginner Friendly.
Investment : $15/drop-in or OM package
Foundations of Yoga : Mondays : 5:45-7 pm
Well rounded yoga practice including basic breath, meditation, postures, & relaxation. Simple dharma talks, & insightful lessons in body-mind awareness. Beginner Friendly.
Investment : $15/drop-in or OM package
Yin Yoga : Thursdays :  6-7:15 pm
Seasonal self-care, asana, pranayama & meditation
Together we will:
✥ approach Yin Yoga as a seasonal self care & healing practice
✥ practice postures that support balanced energy
✥ experience the insight of sustaining postures for 3-5 minutes
✥ cultivate subtle body awareness & practice meditation technique
✥ learn to use Yin postures to inform & develop your current practice
✥ learn to sit still in & skillfully navigate inner dialogue
This offering is suitable for beginners & beyond.
Investment : $15/drop-in or OM package
Workshops, Classes, Series, & Retreats : special offerings

Thai & Chai, Thai Basics, Thai Restore, Seasonal Retreats, PROPer Support, Moon Salutations, Self-Care, Creative Union, Lunar Yoga

Kundaline Yoga & Meditation : Wednesdays : 7-8:15 pm
Discover, Explore, and Balance! When we acknowledge, explore, and work to balance through the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation, waves of consciousness are created that assist in authentic healing and help us to achieve a state of well being for our whole organism. Usual class format include gentle exercise sets (kriyas), and are suitable for beginners. Chairs available.
Investment : suggested donation $5-$15
Monthly Early Morning Sadhana : Once a Month : 5:15-7:30 am
Experience this special practice with yogic exercises, mediation, and deep relaxation in the early morning hours….called the Amrit vela, the sweet nectar hours of the day, when the relationship of the planets and the cosmos is most supportive of meditation and other spiritual practices. Set your day, orient your compass to the flow of the universe and experience the rest of your day in a fresh new way! Investment: No charge but donations graciously accepted and support Heading Om’s kirtan fund.  No Registration Required
Investment : suggested donation $5-$15
Workshops & Series : special offerings


Tuesdays : 5:45-7 pm

Taiji is the art of stillness in motion utilizing the interaction of yin and yang. We are offering traditional Chen Style Taijiquan and Qigong classes. The curriculum includes: static, dynamic and agility Qigong exercises; standing, sitting and laying down meditation; and a basic 7 movement Chen Form.
Investment : $13/drop-in or OM package
No Registration Required

Gentle Yoga : Tuesdays : 9:30-10:45 am
A gentle yoga class designed for adults of any age, including 55+ and those with minor physical ailments, who prefer a slower paced or more relaxed practice.  In this class we focus on creating strength and widening range of motion in and around the joints as well as throughout the back and body. Gentle stretching, asana and breath work keeps us limber in body and mind.
Investment : $15/drop-in or OM package
Yoga Basics : Tuesdays : 4:30-5:30 pm
This class is yoga for beginners.  Focus on the foundations & basics of Yoga:Sun salutations, alignment, centering & breath practice. Personal attention, adjustments and modifications given. A great introduction or a way to deepen your practice by getting back to the basics!
Investment : $15 drop-in or OM Class Package or Monthly Package Deal
Workshops & Series : special offerings



Mindful Vinyasa : Fridays : 9-10:15 am
In this class you will link together breath with movement, body with mind and strength with grace.  A mix of holding postures for foundation and alignment and flowing sequences to get the body warm, strong, stretched and happy!
Investment : $15 drop-in or OM Class Package
Workshops & Series : 
special offerings



Mysore Style Self Practice : Sundays : 8:30-9:45 am
This type of yoga class is an individual practice done in a group setting.  It is widely regarded as the best way to learn and practice Ashtanga yoga.  Here the instructor will teach each student a sequence of postures that challenges and develops strength and flexibility at a pace suited to the individual.  After becoming familiar with the sequence through repetition, the student is able to become self-sufficient and will be given adjustments as well as new options to progress as needed.  Think of it as getting a “private session” at a standard class price point.
Investment : $15 drop-in or OM Class Package


Mommy & Baby Yoga
Please note, Mama & baby classes originally schedule in December are cancelled.  Please contact Catherine directly for details:

Stretch, strengthen and reconnect with your postpartum self, while bonding with your baby. Throughout class you’ll have the option of involving your baby in the yoga postures or having your baby close to you on your mat. Concerned that your baby might cry or fuss? You’re not alone. We’ll practice acceptance and finding calm amid the chaos in a supportive environment. Please bring a blanket for your baby. All levels of experience are welcome. Baby age: 6 weeks to not-yet-crawling.
Investment : $15 drop-in or Om Class Package or Monthly Package Deal
Workshops & Series : special offerings