our practice

Heading OM Yoga offers a variety of weekly classes & special offerings. The following descriptions are OM’s general practices & how we connect to the cOMmunity at OM & beyond!    Please see the daily practice or special offerings page for more information about our current schedule, contact info@headingom.org or call/text 309 231 9642.

Ashtanga: focused on the eight principles of yoga and consisting of a sequence of postures & movements.  A form of vinyasa yoga

cOMmunity Union:
farmers market/outdoor yoga classes, movement & sound experiences, retreats, solstice & equinox celebrations

Creative Union: mandala manifestations, japa mala, hOMe sweet hOMe practice, vision boards, prayer ties/flags, build a bolster, soul collage & soul inspired journaling

Festival Yoga: cultural/ethnic festivals, movement education conferences, music festivals, sustainable/conscious living gatherings/conferences, wellness fairs & yoga festivals/conferences

Hatha Yoga: all levels & advance weekly classes/practice of anatomy/core, beginner & foundations, restorative, thepapeutic, vinyasa & yin rooted in the teachings of our community yoga teachers with advanced training & practice in: Anusara inspired, Iyengar, Kripalu, Kundulini, Prajna & Shambhava Yoga & BEyond

Individual Yoga & Self Study: guidence in self assessment for mindful movement, consuming & action.  Cultivate & experience practices that support balance & awareness in mind, body & spirit.  Traditional Thai & Yoga therapy for guided personal sequences, injury & range of motion recovery & personalized stress relief with breath, postures & visualization.

Kirtan: call & response chanting with local teachers & traveling artists/musicians

Meditation: chakra crystal bowls, gong baths, mantra meditation, new/full moon, sound & silence, Sri Lanka Buddhism, tibetan singing bowls & yoga nidra

Resilience & Recovery: mindful practices assisting in recovery of mental health & addiction by enCouraging responsibility & hope in achieving/sustaining recovery.  Groups & individual sessions support overcoming adversity through practice, recognizing limitations/patterns, cultivating & utalizing personal strength.

Nutrition: awareness & support of local organic farms, conscious consuming, essential oils, detoxing, herbology, individual evaluation & harvest gatherings

Traditional Thai Bodywork: individual & partner thai w. Tamo & guest teachers, group thai restorative & practice/training for practitioners

Yogic Philosophy: explore ancient text, western teachings & application of practices in book groups, dharma talks & workshops

Yoga Training: Workshops, Immersions & Prairie Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training