Tammy Mitchell
Director of Heading OM Yoga : ERYT 500
Foundations of Hatha Yoga : Restorative & Yin Yoga : Thai Bodywork : Reiki
Seasonal Retreats : Workshops : Individual Yoga : Festi-Yoga
Tapping into her roots, Tamo’s path is realized as being an educator & community activator infused with love of movement, nature, travel, art & music. Tammy’s path in higher education brought exercise, development & wellness practices into focus, and she began teaching in 1998.  In 2005, she received initial certification in Thai Bodywork, and became a certified yoga instructor at the Shambhava School of Hatha Yoga. She recently completed her 500 hour certification with Theresa Murphy with focus on therapeutic application of yoga asana, pranayama & mindfulness practices of Buddha Dharma. Tammy’s teachings reflect the wisdom & practice of her lineages. Her practices empower balance to heighten in our form, allowing our true selves to be in tune with nature.  She specializes in individual/group Hatha Yoga & Thai Bodywork.  Tamo facilitates inspired experiences with intent to raise awareness, empower growth, facilitate compassion, experience liberation & Union… Raise yOUR Vibration. 

Devpreet Kaur : Teresa Smith
Certified 500 Hour Kundalini Yoga Instructor : Kundalini Yoga : Breathwalk
Devpreet Kaur has practiced yoga for over 14 years. After spending much time practicing various styles of yoga, she has most recently completed the 220 hour Teacher Training course in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation & continues her path in education/practice toward 500 hour certification.  Devpreet shares the teachings of Yogi Bhajan with precise instruction & enCouraging technique, with deep connection to nature & her own practice/experiences. Devpreet is honored & eager to bring the yoga of awareness to you & Our yoga cOMmunity!  WelcOMe!

Catherine Striegel
Pranakriya CYT 200
Catherine began practicing yoga more than ten years ago & completed her 200-hour certification through the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts in 2015. Her interest in yoga began as a way to decrease anxiety & has since developed into much more. Catherine has a passion for finding grace, ease, & emotional release in movement that she loves to share with others. Additionally, her teaching emphasizes an internal focus and cultivating awareness to build strength, stability, & increased mobility in the body.

Jim Wheeler : Taijiquan
Lineage:  Since 1996 I have studied under 19th generation Chen Style master Dr Yang Yang, who studied under 18th generation master Feng Zhi Qiang, who studied under 17th generation master Chen Fake. I have also practiced & studied Wu Style Taijiquan from 1992 to 1996.  I received certification from the Center for Taiji Studies in 2008.  I have been instructing Taiji in the Peoria area since 1999.

Beth Ann Eggers
Studio Manager : Amrita CYT 200 : Gentle/Restorative Yoga
Beth is a Peoria native with 20 years of personal yoga practice.  Over the past 8 years she has considered Heading OM Yoga her hOMe base for communal yoga.  Beth has practiced in the Virgin Islands, Hawaii and northern California. After returning from the west coast, where she studied Amrita (a form of Vinyasa yoga with influences from Ayurveda, physical therapy, neuroscience, yoga philosophy and psychology, pranayama and mindfulness) with the Daya Foundation in Portland, Oregon, Beth began assisting in studio management at Heading OM Yoga.  She is now very excited to take on the role of instructor after receiving her 200 hr Teaching Certification.  She intends to share with her classes the internal mindfulness, environmental awareness, groundedness and broad perspective that she has developed in her own practice.  Beth enjoys bringing earth appreciation and Native American & Buddhist ideology into practice.

Ann Kraut : RYT 200 : Restorative and Basics Yoga
Ann began practicing Yoga in 2000.  She received her 200 R.Y.T. Certification under Maribeth Hammond at The Yoga Channel at Silver Strand Beach, CA in 2015.  She was also certified in 2015 as a Vibration Transformation Facilitator for Chakra based workshops, cleanses and private sessions and has been a licensed Thai Yoga Therapist since 2007.  Ann is passionate about sharing Yoga and believes that proper movement, meditation, breathing, cleansing & nutrition practices lead to healthier happier living.  She is an advocate for helping people create new practices & deepen existing ones for better self-love & self-healing.  Ann believes a well balanced yoga practice from seat to feet is an important gift to share, so that everyone may raise their vibration & live more fully in their lives.

Terri Atkinson : RYT 200
Terri was first introduced to yoga in the mid-80’s through VHS videos and Yoga Journal.  In 2016, Terri completed the initial 200-hour training through the Prairie Yoga Institute with Ellen McKenzie and Tammy Mitchell as her primary teachers.  For Terri, yoga has become a journey with an undefined destination. She thrives on developing a deeper understanding of both the philosophy of yoga and the anatomical benefits of muscle movements, and enjoys bringing yoga education to her students.  Her classes are adaptable and favor Iyengar style with the use of props.  Sequences are composed of alignment and strength building poses that are focused around breath and body awareness.  Mantra and meditation are also incorporated in some classes.  Terri teaches classes at MTZ in Farmington, IL and community classes at HeadingOM in Peoria.

Hannah Ramlo : RYT 200
Hannah began practicing yoga at her college’s fitness center, seeking a new way to exercise. Since then, yoga has been a constant source of physical and spiritual healing. In 2015, Hannah spent 17 days in the Scottish Trossachs to complete an intensive 200-hour certification through Canada-based Yogacara Teacher Training. She has taught yoga to travelers in Venice, Italy, Poznan, Poland, and is happy to share her love of yoga in her home region of Central Illinois. Hannah seeks to hold space for her students’ self-awareness, positive expression, and creative discovery, grounded by teachings from fundamental yogic texts. She hopes to offer students pearls of mindfulness and yogic wisdom that can aid their physical practice and continue to transform their lives off the mat.

Aaron Dickerson : RYT 200
Aaron is an RYT-200 yoga instructor and veteran of the U.S. Army. What he offers through his classes is a way of developing a personal practice that can be taken anywhere, and can accommodate any lifestyle.  After more than 15 years of practice in Muay Thai kickboxing, and a stint in the U.S. Army, Aaron began to investigate yoga as something to use as a home workout that would be compatible with his irregular work hours as a welder. As he began to research the history of  yoga, he saw potential in what cultivating a daily yoga practice might do for him physically and mentally. As a former smoker just a few months free of nicotine when he began his practice, yoga helped him regain his breath and repair his body and mind. He completed his 200 hour teacher training in the summer of 2015. What he passes on to students relies heavily on Ashtanga-inspired sequencing and tradition. Aaron continues to study the history and traditions of yoga both on and off the mat, and hopes to help make yoga accessible to anyone of any background.


Jeremy Arndt : Michigan : Sound Meditations & Live Music Yoga Classes
Jeremy Arndt is a musician & world traveler.  He plays unique instruments from around the world, with the majority of his songwriting being focused around the Handpan.  The Handpan is a mesmerizing instrument born in the 21st century in Switzerland.  The original Swiss creation, called a PANart Hang, helped to inspire a whole new family of instruments & genre of music.  Jeremy has played concerts & shared his unique Sound Journey workshops around the US, as well as played concerts in many countries around the world.  For four years now, Jeremy has been traveling the world, sharing music, exploring different world music traditions, & learning from other cultures.  His journey has taken him to 19 countries on 5 continents.

Kelly Harris : Illinois/Quad Cities : Tapas Yoga Shala : Ashtangha Yoga
Founders Evan & Kelly Harris have studied yoga traditions since 2002. Inspired after our first trip to India in 2008, we founded tapas yoga shala with the sole intention of providing a studio space & community for the traditional practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. We are committed to uncovering & sharing the remarkable physical potential & piercing insight & awareness available through this practice. From Kelly & Even, “We have travelled far & wide to practice under today’s best instructors. Among these, we consider Matthew Sweeney of Byron Bay, Australia to be our teacher & have studied intensively under his guidance since 2009. Aiming to preserve tradition while welcoming intelligent innovation, we maintain the standard of instruction at Tapas. Our instruction stays true to the vision of a yoga studio dedicated to truly deep, yet powerfully modern yoga instruction, accessing the contemplative nature of the yoga tradition through the physical practice.”

Ellen McKenzie : Wisconsin : Prairie Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training
Ellen graduated from the first Prairie Yoga training offered at Cascade Yoga Studio (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2009, and has lived a life dedicated to teaching & study ever since. Ellen has been a Prairie Yoga student, mentor, assistant teacher & is honored to now step into the roll of lead teacher trainer. Ellen studies intensively with Tias Little & will complete her 500 hour certification in October 2014 under Theresa Murphy.

Meggan Riley : Illinois :  Acrobatic Yoga & Essential Oils
It is my intention to inspire your creative expression of the divine. For me, yoga & consciousness have been that expression.  I have been practicing for more than 15 years and teaching since 2009.  I am a certified hatha yoga, Street Yoga & Expressive Yoga instructor and have completed a 200-hour Anusara® Inspired training.  As a teacher, I hope to inspire my students in their practice, by providing a safe, welcoming  and challenging environment in which to breathe & move.  I am a mother, a music lover, a vegetarian, a self-proclaimed eco-warrior & deeply committed to teaching yoga from the heart.

Marinda Stopforth : Naperville, IL : 500 CYT, E-RYT, YACEP
Marinda has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2007.   She believes it imperative that every yoga student should have basic knowledge of anatomy to  deepen their practice, to understand their own body and take what they learn on the mat into their daily life.   A retired occupational therapist, Marinda appreciates the application of yoga as a therapeutic tool to address the well-being of the whole person:  mind-body-heart-spirit.

Bhante Sujatha : Illinois : Buddhist Teachings & Meditation
Bhante, a 30+ year Buddhist Monk, is singularly focuses on adding more love in the world. Bhante teaches loving-kindness meditation to people around the globe for all those seeking the art of happiness & contentment.  His approach to meditation is deep & simple, bringing core Buddhist teachings to everyone in a way that is practical & easy to understand.  A joyful, radiant, funny & wildly energetic monk, Bhante will help you obtain peace that can only be found in deep silence.   He is originally from Sri Lanka and is the head monk/abbot of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple & Meditation Center in Woodstock, IL.  Bhante believes his purpose is not only to teach meditation, but also, “teaching people how to be happy.”